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Dr. Alex Stratyner and Dr. Harris Stratyner joined forces to found a revolutionary New York psychology practice in 2017. Both psychologists already had a following and years of experience, but the father-daughter duo realized that they offered psychological services built on the same foundation of licensed expertise yet undeniably human, down-to-earth, strength-based treatment. For us, truly helping people means more than treating symptoms; it’s about getting to the root of the issue so that you can thrive through the ups and downs of life. At Stratyner & Associates, we empower you to discover meaning in your life, so that the motivation to succeed comes from within.

Together, we’ve created a practice that embodies our personal and professional values: authenticity, a focus on positive change, and the licensed, professional expertise to offer medically and psychologically sound support. The final defining element to our practice was the decision to create an exclusive concierge service, ensuring that our patients feel supported at all times while working with us. Put simply, the care you receive from us is the same we would want for members of our own family. Many practicing psychologists, therapists, and counselors may share elements of the Stratyner & Associates philosophy of treatment, but our years of doctoral-level education, clinical experience, and specialized knowledge allow us to provide an elevated level of care.

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Meet Dr. Stratyner

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The foundation of our practice is rooted in successfully treating substance use issues and addiction. Over time, our thorough understanding of all the associated issues that surround substance use disorders led to the creation of the Carefrontation model of treatment, a human-first approach. In Carefrontation, patients struggling with substance abuse are treated with unconditional kindness, respect, and empathy, never the negativity of other shaming “tough love” methods.

We discovered that the values behind the Carefrontation philosophy really define who we are as psychologists: we are people first, above all else, and we level with our patients as such.

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