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As an outpatient practice, we offer extremely accessible psychologists and flexible psychological treatment focused on non-judgmental empathy and support. We work closely with our patients to help them achieve positive change in their lives on their own terms through cognitive behavior therapy, assessment, and psychological counseling. Our caring team of professionals is committed to providing undeniably human counseling—always prioritizing and respecting patients’ comfort, dignity, and positive progress. Learn more about how we empower our patients through mindfulness, resilience, and strength-building.

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As a concierge psychology practice, Stratyner & Associates is your
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“We help people find meaning and purpose in their
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Dr. Harris Stratyner
Choosing a Concierge Psychology Practice

A Team of Nationally-Recognized Experts



Meet Dr. Stratyner


Meet Dr. Stratyner
Choosing a Concierge Psychology Practice

A Team of Nationally-Recognized Experts

Stratyner & Associates is a concierge psychology practice founded by the father-daughter duo Dr. Harris Stratyner and Dr. Alexandra Stratyner. Built on a formidable foundation of extensive experience and leadership in New York’s professional psychology community, both psychologists are frequently sought out by national news and media platforms, professional publications, and educational institutions as consultants to weigh in on timely topics.

By choosing Stratyner & Associates, you have unlimited access to superior psychological support. Equally as important is the trusting, personal relationship you will build with your psychologist—giving you unlimited opportunities to succeed in your personal and professional life.

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